In the gaming world it is WASD that control's your character.  In this game it is Wits, Strategy, and Dexterity, that will carry you to victory!

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Family, Friends, Fanatics

Sock-IT creates an atmosphere of bonding while playing.  It follows the three F's of Family, Friends, and Fanatics. While you may play with family and friends, you will be fanatical in your quest to score a run!

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Our Mission

Is to promote togetherness, friendship, and fun!

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How the game came to be...


Imagine a lazy summer day when two brothers bored out of their mind, decided to use a wadded up ball of old tube socks to create a new game.

Fast forward a few years, okay more like a time warp, and you have now stepped into the fast paced game of Sock-IT!

This game has won the hearts of all who have played it. It is not so much a physical game, but a friendship booster with a dash of  competition.

Sock-IT draws from the past and melds with the present to form a perfect bond of what we call "TFF", Togetherness, Friendship, and Fun.


How to get Sock-IT

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